fear me & my golden debit card of doom.

in the time between my last domain spree & today, no less than two people have come to me needing new blogs. and i had not only domains, but wonderful wonderful domains for them. and they have blogs now. blogs that were ready more or less immediately, i just installed a copy of MT (complete with a nice set of plugins) & handed them the keys. you see? you see?

this is not the first time this has happened. the way i look at it is, if you buy them, they will come — usually within a few days of me getting the domains set up. therefore when i am moved to type godaddy.com into the browser, i have a very good reason, i just don’t know what it is. yet.

i have powers. i can not only sense domains being needed, but today? i fixed two server-y issues without even touching them – the mere intent on my part to go & fix, caused the problems to spontaneously fix themselves. problems fear me.

i’ve got the power. too bad it’s not the mojo, i mean, i couldn’t get laid to save my life, but that’s beside my point, if i have one. ooh! i remember my point, i do have one! thing is, i’m almost out of domains. this must not be allowed to happen.

… i’ll let you know how it goes with godaddy this evening. i’m working up to that inspired vibe zone place thing. the power. yeah.

afford? um. afford & domain shopping are oxymoronic. or something.

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11 thoughts on “fear me & my golden debit card of doom.

  1. offtoseethelizard.com? spazzed.com? (note to domain conspiracy theorists: it’s still available, in spite of being typed into godaddy’s search several times). innerlizard.com is taken, which has pissed me off something fierce. but i could have the dot org. i’m considering the org.

  2. fuckedmind.com? omg. you know, like fuckedcompany.com? fuckedmind. i need a domain with the fword in it, i mean, fuck, if i don’t need a domain with the word fuck in it who fucking does? i fucking ask you.

  3. so i have offtoseethelizard.com and fuckedmind.com. i am hovering between innerlizards.com and innerlizard.org — though i lean towards the dot org, it has a ring to it.

    wait. dan was right. it does work with two zz’s. the two nn’s, the two zz’s, there’s balance. harmony. lizards.

    hmm. now i’m torn between THREE things.

  4. is fucktard.anything taken? i just heard that word for the first time in years and thought…what a great domain name. so, i come here and lo and behold what are you talking about?? yup. domain names. you are the queen.

  5. I’m thinking something along the lines of ‘fuckbucket.net’.

    I have other fuckdomains in mind, oh yes I do, but I shan’t share those just yet.

    Whatever happened with the ‘proofs’ thing? Have we made a decision?

  6. How about fuckityfuckfuckfuck.com? You got the mojo working lady, i can feel it from here. California dreaming all the way!

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