15 thoughts on “gotta get me some…

  1. okay.. if one were to stick their “sausage” in there.. I have no doubt that it would qualify as torture… Although it would be an interesting way to be rid of certain cretins

  2. i, uh, i had no idea. i always thought of them as ruler-across-the-knuckles scary, not, like, upright-sausage-stuffer-torture scary. those are just such different types of fear.

  3. Just crazy clown scary.. which is close to upright-sausage-stuffer-torture scary. Besides, i was just expanding on an earlier comment regarding woddchippers from a few weeks ago

  4. yeah, the whole woodchipper thing was a fairly scary thing as well. plus you just know that with that sort of thing having been said in public that if anything ever happens i’ll be so the prime suspect.

    so if worse comes to worse i suppose i’ll have to resort to chopping the body up in pieces that will fit down the garbage disposal. they’ll never catch me then.

  5. Or make them into sausages, and feed it to the dogs.. not that I have given it any thought

  6. it would take forever to feed to a cat though. ooh, but we have all those neighborhood feral kitties! i bet they’re hungry.

  7. by the way, this catalog thing? we were all laughing our asses off at it at work today, between the fart jokes & the scaring me with dead spiders bit. it’s … fun here.

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