like a fire drill, only with real fire

yes, the datacenter really did have a fire, with firemen & everything. no one was hurt &, more importantly, we are online, & no data was lost. downtime was reasonable & i for one find this to be quite comforting, that fancyass firesuppression technowhizzery did just what it was supposed to, by golly it passed this little test with flying colors. i’m as pleased about this as anyone who woke up too early to news that the server farm was on fire.

may i have some tequila now?

6 thoughts on “like a fire drill, only with real fire

  1. What skits said. I’m glad we made it out with only a little smoke inhalation. It was really too warm today for a fire, when you get right down to it.

  2. Every page I tried to get to this morning was a dead end. I figured the nazis where I work finally cut off my internet or something. I was ready to kill everybody in the building.

    It was like surreally and half of the rest of the world fell of the edge of the earth into some huge gaping maw of nothingness.

  3. Think of how much fun it would have been had you been at work when it happened! Or er wait, is this our virtual world you’re speaking of? And I’m all clueless as usual? And all our little virtual data selves were in danger?

  4. we weren’t in that much danger, really. there was a fire, near the servers, but the fire suppression worked out just fine & all’s well. no worries. much deeply geeky anti-fire technology at work on our behalf.

    NAC is huge. we’re talking, hundreds of thousands or even maybe a million sites, on thousands of servers, in a big fancy place in new jersey. if anything really horrible happened to NAC it would be crippling. just … awful. but they’re good! they had us all back up in a matter of hours, which for a fire, is pretty good.

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