mysterious portents

so i was in this mood. so i added some hole lyrics to the database – doll parts & violet. soon after this my coworker tells me she had something for me, from a yard sale – a bag of doll arms. she saw it & thought of me (do your coworkers see bags of doll arms & think of you? yeah. my job rocks.) & at some point i must have clicked something in the lyrics page that went & searched for ‘hole’ on ebay, because behind the current window was an ebay auction for swarovsky beads (with holes in them, of course). amethyst colored crystal beads. between the entertaining writing & the coffee-bean shaped beads i decided to drop a ten dollar bid & see what happened. and the sky was made of amethyst … doll parts …

i swear this means something.

remember if you search that database, don’t leave that default text in the text box & then click like six or seven times. i mean it.

* * *
update: not one to get into bidding wars, i did not acquire the coffeebean shaped beads. not one to screw with mysterious portents, i located a different set of amethyst-colored crystal beads from that same seller, and won. can i explain this? not now. not yet. but it will make one hell of a lot of perfect sense someday, mark my words.

12 thoughts on “mysterious portents

  1. Your database was mean to me. And then it started Speaking in Tongues. Which is a bitchin’ Talking Heads album by the way.

  2. but i won an ebay auction from someone whose location is either “RI: state police, with their own set of laws. ” or “RI: Spank me, then, pay my bills. “, depending on the auction. which means that my database is allowed to make rude comments.

    i swear, go read that auction. it’s brilliant. i bought something i wasn’t looking for & don’t know what i’ll do with, it was so brilliant.

  3. her about page is fascinating, too. i would so love to hang out with this woman.

    i think i’m suddenly into beads, for some reason. i can’t imagine why i ever wasn’t into beads. beads!

  4. Are all these warnings not to do such and such a thing with your lyrics database really a hint to go ahead and do that which you speaketh of? You better tell me not to, because I am THIS CLOSE to doing it just to see what surprise you have planted in there. If I do, then I guess I need a spankie for being bad…

  5. it’s the only way anyone would ever see my error messages, which are … i had myself in stitches over them. no one else has been all that amused, but i myself … have a weird sense of humor i guess.

  6. i’m pretty excited about the doll arms myself. and the beads. i now get emails from ebay about new lots of beads going on sale, and there are so many many very cool beads. i haven’t messed with odd little objects since the lens days, i’m kind of excited, even to have the urges to do these things.

    some days in some ways it’s like i’m coming out of a very long coma. that’s the best i can explain it.

  7. I’m not much of a geek, Dot Lizard hooha, fear of celery, Nixon, and lyrics for Bunny

    Thanks for dropping by BatChat everyone! I’ll have quotes up later this weekend. And contrary to some reports there was no paddling. Except for Scooter, who was paddled but sadly he didn’t notice. Which reminds me – Solonor forced me (yes, I had to do …

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