nowhere near a nightmare

more an adventure.

during one of my bouts of email-checking wakefulness early this morning, ‘roanoke’ was suggested to my sleepy, suggestible consciousness, & upon going back to bed, what ensued was fairly … bizarre. now roanoke was the scene of some mysterious disappearance back when, right? & stephen king might have somewhat covered this at some point? which would explain the gateway to hell aspect, however our escape plans were solid, there was no real reason to worry about the passage. hell, i even broke the glass just to prove the vortex wouldn’t suck us through. with my hands, i broke it. in the meantime i got to hear a former employer explain why he liked to varnish the inside of the closet under the stairs (aside from the obvious); later there was the obligatory bloggersex, which was … quite lovely. also there were the white pants that make my ass look so nice.

all in all the sort of dream which leaves one well-prepared for whatver a day may offer, & even what it might take away.

9 thoughts on “nowhere near a nightmare

  1. Dammit, every time I have dreams about other bloggers they never concern bloggersex. I’ve even tried to mentally hypnotize myself to have sexy dreams, but all of mine turn out stupid and boring and stuff.

  2. And whenever I can manage to get a sex dream going it never quite gets to the conclusion I want it to. Something dumb happens and we end up dropping the hot and heavy action and doing something else.

  3. There is, of course, the infamous “Lost Colony of Roanoke” where, in the 1600’s, the entire population disappeared with out a trace, along with the first “White Child” born in captivity, the little Miss Virginia Dare. Of course the Native Americans have been held suspect for lo these many years. The word “Roanoke” is, if certain sources are to be believed, Native Am. for “Big Lick”, referring to sodium, of course, but that does tie in nicely with your blogsex.

  4. if it weren’t for dream-bloggersex, i’d get no sex atall. however, as it is, it’s … quite lovely. quite.

  5. How come the only dreams people have about me are nightmares? That may mean something

  6. Wow!

    Now: This is the first time I’ve been here.
    You stopped pinging, I stopped looking – I’m pavlovian like that, I guess – and today missed you really really bad so eventually got here.
    And here… I’ve been getting comments… and not knowing who they were from… What a silly….

    Relinking now. Whew.

  7. There’s a street in my neighbourhood – Diamond Heights in San Francisco – called Roanoke. I remember thinking the first day I saw it: Jeepers, who the hell would name a street after the Lost Colony of Roanoke? Seems kinda like a Bad Omen to me…

    By the way, this blog is really interesting. Very different and it’s so hard to find actual differentness in blogville these days.

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