on a technicality

by the second reboot i had gone mad as a wet cat on a hot tin whistle, i tell you what. thirty seven megabytes of updates. took this snailbait pee-four a good three hours to run through it. you think pee-four, you think one point seven ghz chip & four hundred mhz frontside bus & you might think fast, but you’d be sadly misthinking with that. fuck expee the home version. fuck microsoft. fuck bill fucking gates & his little dog too. stupidass worthless piece of shit critical pack service upyours bullshit.

don’t start on me with that mac crap either. you know what? there are no goddamn buttons on the mouse. which i happen to know for a fact is supposed to remind you of a smooth river bottom pebble rock or somesuch. excuse me? i’d like my mouse to remind me something that i can fucking right click with. it’s a pointing device not a goddamn newage handpacifier.

if i hadn’t killed my linux box for its hard drive, i’d be on a serious selfrighteous roll here, but as it is yes i am microsofted. ’cause free software rocks! um. anyway i have a cd of that expee pro that won’t even worry about that product subjugation, but you know what? no thanks. win2k. win2k pro baby. my eight sixty six pee-three flies like time when you’re having fun, hell i’ll sit there burning cds & fireworking & photoshopping & kazaaing & ftping & seventeen damn browser windows open, got windowblinds with fish swimming in the title bar & cursors that pulsate & sixteen things in the systray & she just cruises.

i need to go home & cuddle my puter.

(deep breath) i feel much better now. um. and a little weird, i feel that too. but mostly better.

7 thoughts on “on a technicality

  1. XP sucks dead bunnies through soda straws…

    Win2k works

    Send me that dead box and I’ll send it back with a Linux install. You’ll remember how to handle the config once you get past the sparkley bits…

  2. i can install linux. but only when there is a hard drive and memory. i actually have a couple hard drives, but … i forget, i think it’s the memory that doesn’t match & the h/ds are slower.

    hmm. maybe i should try anyway. i do have 14 gigs worth of h/ds sitting on an old 350 K62, which should probably be … but it runs dammit! it’s not a bad computer considering it’s ancient & weak. all my computers are from my old work, in other words, OEM with *good* components, not put together by monkeys. they were built to be sold with a two year warranty to people that lived nearby, so it made sense to build good solid machines. i’m so rambling.

    i become deeply emotionally involved with computers.

  3. i’m also thinking i should rethink my latest last error message on the lyric search. i think it’s a bit much.

  4. I never thought I’d say this but I’m rather happy with XP. It’s been running on this laptop for over a year without a reinstall (knock wood). 2k does work very well, as well.

    I feel guilty though. I keep downloading new Debian ISOs. They’re sitting on my desk, crying.

    But I’m still a linux hacker if I wrote a procmail receipe today right? Right? Yeah, I know. I’m a luser now.

  5. Hmm… Let me know if you need a left eye (video card) or maybe an arm (memory chip) and I’ll check the attic…

    …and as to the terminus of the lyrical non-search? Well, yeah; I mean, you want people to enjoy the snipe hunt…

  6. i want somebody to build me a computer like they had in the terry gilliam film ‘brazil’, the ones with the ancient olympia manual typewriters for keyboards and the big square magnifying glass over a tiny screen like on the old tvs from the 40’s.

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