it’s time for *thrilling theme music* bad teenage poetry corner

it’s one of, i think, two things i ever wrote that rhymed. so i called it rhyme. i don’t even have to go copy/paste it out of my secret stash of crap i wrote, i can type this one from memory in my sleep. but then again it’s been following me around like a little poopy dawg since 1976.


poems & songs at the
heart of the matter
sweep swiftly along
& onward they patter
down cobblestone drives
& up through the past
to the center, the edge,
the first & the last
of the glittering dreams
now gathering dust
which covers the glow
which had long gone to rust
& the night’s here to stay
but that causes no sadness
i rise & rejoice in the
darkness & madness
as the voices in rhythm
& the faces in mime
go dancing & chanting
& spinning in rhyme.

maybe it was 75. yeah, it was 75. junior high school. sigh.

3 thoughts on “rhyme

  1. oh, i’m too vain & neurotic to post the *really seriously* bad teenage stuff. i only post the stuff i don’t completely hate. mostly i do it to remind myself i need to write.

  2. the faces in mime!!

    I admit it, too. I have fun going through my old journals and I’m not afraid to post some of it…but there’s some serious dreck that i’d be way too proud ever to share. why i don’t burn it and be done with it, i don’t know.

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