the confession of inspiration

it is ten something in the morning, and i’m having a beer. it is a beer of largeness, and there is another one in the refrigerator.

in a strange twist on my story, i am feeling somewhat productive today, not exactly focused, but i lack the usual overwhelmed semi-frantic feeling i get when i consider the tasks at hand. could be that i’m a little tooooo relaxed? remains to be seen.

in any case i’ve gotten the biggest obstacle out of the way, & that was the inspiration that powered this redesign. have you seen phase II? it was not a pleasant energy, more a need than an idea, and it did not sit quietly at all, ever. i mean look at this here and that there and imagine having that in your head wanting not to be in there? and so a good week or two went by in which i accomplished nothing at all, because i would not let myself work on my own project first, and when i tried to get the other things done, i’d end up spinning, useless, you know … feckless.

so it was wednesday night when i decided to indulge myself in this, and it’s saturday morning & it’s more or less done. the several weeks that led up to wednesday lay in pieces in my periphery, i’m trying not to look at the waste & wreckage, resisting the thought that if i’d just done this in the first place i’d be done with the other projects too, free to work on the next. um. you know, it won’t look like this forever. i have ideas (imagine the ‘i’ word in this case being synonymous with affliction, or more accurately addiction). and this won’t last forever, and so i am not complaining no not a bit. i’m having a blast.

i should probably confesss something else to the two or more people who have been waiting oh so patiently for me to finish their sites: i had another inspiration, one of those pressing ones, & i did something else as well while i wasn’t doing yours: this one. ok? so now you know.

*mental note to self* never commit any major crimes, you confess entirely too damn much.

12 thoughts on “the confession of inspiration

  1. Honey, it took theDane months and months; you’re way ahead of the curve.

    It’s not like I’ve been exactly on the ball about sending you a package of neat things plus a tiny pittance of fundage in comparison to what you’re doing.

    And I find it mildly ironic that you choose to assume the truncated version of my given name that I like being called the least. It simply suits some better than others….

  2. It’s so funny to see you trying on different exteriors…I keep being struck with the mad urge to screamsing ‘i’m coming out’…as a wise person named melly once said to me, ‘no matter the hat, baby. no matter the hat.’

  3. …and I don’t mean funny-comical, I mean I’m clapping my hands and yelling, “YAY, SISTER” at my monitor.

  4. s’ok, i didn’t take it wrong. i’m a fairly laid back critter, really. sort of. except when i’m not, of course. which is a fairly frequent occurrence, come to think of it. how do you spell occurrence?

  5. Honey.. all of the greatest minds in the world work in dislinear randomness. Those of us who love you accept you, and know that patience is always rewarded…Besides in the meantime we get to enjoy the journey to us.

    And yes you do confess too much to ever do anything really illeagal..

  6. ok, the best image? it’s in the lyricbase, in the sidebar, at the bottom – that’s one of the little guy’s photos. been flaking on his photolog too. must stop doing that, kid’s good. — the rest of the photos are all mine. knew they’d come in handy eventually 🙂

  7. i’m pretty happy with how that turned out as well. i blame the fonts. i was playing with “blue lines” and “typewriter from hell” & the juxtaposition just screamed once something like that happens i’m gone, i gotta gotta do it.

    that typewriter from hell is one amazing font. you give it a base color, an outline color, and one more for a ‘glow’ color, & it becomes this complex & amazing graphic.

    the blue lines font? is transparent all by itself, has its own dimensions. goodgod i love fonts.

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