the wise click would have been delete

this is my opinion, & my opinion only. it’s also very whiny. i’m not very comfortable with this side of myself.

so let’s say you’re in a position to be a little bit philanthropic towards some family members. & let’s say these family members have been struggling, & struggling for a long, long time. so, you decide you want to do something nice for these struggling folks. and you’re very specific about the nice: you want to give them something they couldn’t have otherwise, say a trip to disneyland to stay at the hotel while you send a maid service to clean their house, which hasn’t been cleaned because one of them had two jobs & the other is an asshole who decided to stop cleaning at all because the other person was always working.

*breathe* sorry, must vent. clarity not a priority here. pissed.

in any case, if it ever happens that you’re in that philanthropic position, & something like this comes to mind? don’t do it. because it is an entirely fucked up thing to do. it’s a very arrogant thing to do. but it’s par for the course isn’t it. the asshole didn’t get that way by accident now did he? he was raised that way.

look, i don’t give a fuck how urgent you think it is that their child get to disneyland. that child is being driven around in a car with shitty brakes right now. (let the record show that this isn’t a problem for the one who drives a company car, & doesn’t have to drive down a bigass hill three or four times a week with no brakes, the same person who takes the unopened bills & dumps them on the other person’s computer chair & just expects they’ll be paid).

i wish i was making my point. i wish this could make sense without a novel-length introduction to explain exactly why it is i’m here, ostensibly putting up with this, & how overwhelmingly i wish i could afford to just pack up & leave now.

i’m sure the place would be much cleaner.

17 thoughts on “the wise click would have been delete

  1. you watch. you just watch. suddenly he’ll take an interest in what it is i do online, & he’ll read this one. oy.

  2. Heh. That’s happened before as I recall.
    …and we’re now all ‘accesories before the fact’!
    Which is a burden we’ll just have to live with…

  3. …and Disneyland could be slightly bothersome: you’d be looking a little tooooo closely at the animatronic characters after reading that book <g>!

  4. I wish I had comforting words to write. However it sounds as if you have more discomforting words to write. Perhaps you should consider writing some more of them.

    Barring that, I’ve never heard of a case in which a well hosed out wood chipper was Luminol’d by the authorities. And when assholes vanish, most people who know them tend to think they are off on a bender or shacked up with a chippy (pardon the upcoming pun), rather than being assumed to have fallen, ever so accidently, into a woodchipper.

    Of course I’m just musing aloud here. Sometimes mental murder is very theraputic. Truman Capote swore by it. He claimed to slaught 30 people a day in his mind.

  5. here’s a thought: the family members could send the person to disneyland with the money for the tickets. however, once in anaheim the person could take the money and have new brakes put on their car while the person and their child are at disneyland with another person who’s husband might work for the aforementioned theme park’s owner. then, there would new brakes, a clean place and hey- a trip to d-land for the boy!

    hypothetically speaking, of course.

  6. yes, but the asshole in question would rather go to disneyland (even though he has a bad knee & has to stay off his feet which is why he can’t clean now, first it was stubbornness now he has a doctor’s excuse) & would not give up any of the disney money to fund anything but disneying.

    i’m just not going, is all. besides, being in a hotel room with him, away from home, with no computer, for that long? i’d rather have bamboo shoots shoved under my fingernails.

  7. Now let’s not to resort to the bamboo shoots–well, unless they are the ones already in a can and are therefore nice and soft. No, let’s use the actual bamboo canes, in order to injure said hypothetical asshole.

  8. Look on the bright side. There is a bright side, isn’t there? Aw hell, call in sick and get buzzed. That’s what I did today, and the real world can just fuck off because today is, well, today…

  9. Let the asshole go with the boy, and you stay home and enjoy the break from said asshole, and said boy.

    I think that would be a good compromise.

  10. i’m fantasizing here.. but t’would be nice to see husband down on his hands and knees scrubbing floors, washing cars, dusting..etc.. while mother and son frollic in disneyland.. and head back to the hotel where a babysitter is waiting and mother had a room with nice big fat jacuzzi and a nice big fat computer with a T1 line.. the computer has everything she needs.. the kid’s babysitter is Mary Poppins.. and husband smells of bleach.

  11. While all of these are good suggestions, I don’t thing we should rule out the woodchipper. I think that one is a winner. You could chip the asshole into a compost heap, plant a lovely garden and make his existance on this planet worth something. However, in the interest of compassion, I would suggest slow poisoning which results in death before shoving the asshole head first into the chipper. I mean, why be cruel about it?

  12. There are a number of hidey-holes in The Pirates ride. You could, say, just jump off the boat.

    I suppose this is where someone tells me that they closed Pirates, right? *sob*

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