twenty six miles

i float down the freeway, midnight, naked instinct contained, but barely by glass & steel, skin glowing in the dimness almost lit from within, intent on the sensations of leather & velocity & summer itself as it spills through the the windows, all imagery & innuendo. the things these things suggest are all impossible, as far as it goes, at least as far as it will tonight.

i take the grade fast, a thrilling descent out of the heat & into the moist coastal mist & the road unfolds & folds before & after me, roadsong filling the spaces between the music & my thoughts, whispering of distance & promising either catalyst or cataclysm, unless there is no difference; i know there is only one way i’ll ever know.

tiny little overlit sprite of a thing hovers twenty feet maybe behind me with two clear lanes either side & i ease off the pedal, hostile, & think this faceless asshole a grisly death for as long as it takes the little shitbrain to finally jerk that pissyellow runt of a car out of mygoddamnlane & go around. i breathe deep, unclench & ease it back to fast as the night sky opens up over me, reminding me i am not free, not yet; my thoughts drift & yearn at every inviting sign, but the car gets off at main street, letting me feel every one of her miles. i do not resist, at least tonight.

8 thoughts on “twenty six miles

  1. I’m just realizing how many people I know were affected by this incedent.
    As I posted over at skits’:
    There needs to be some sort of “the VP and the POTUS do NOT ride on the same plane”-type plan so as ALL of the great blogs don’t go down at once, in the event of a true and permanent disaster.

    I personally didn’t even notice the outage (was down as well?), I was too busy having my business AUDITED BY THE STATE. Which wasn’t fun at all, either.

  2. At first, reading the first line, I thought you said you were floating down the freeway naked, and thought that would explain the person following you (though I thought the person might want to pull alongside for a better view).

  3. woohoo back online! appaently the very fancy fire suppression dealythingy did what it was supposed to do! whee! the server’s not on fire anymore, yay!

  4. I agree with dan. evocative is close to what this did for me, but even still not quite it.

    Smooch, and glad you aren’t on fire anymore. I smelled cooked lizard all the way down here

  5. I was sure that ‘server fire’ was some sort of euphemism.
    This just gives me a whole new batch of things to worry about.

  6. but the fancy fire suppression thingy protected the servers & brave sexy firemen stomped around in boots & crumpets & toasters & … i forget. but it’s fine, now. & was fine all along, it’s just that firemen turn off electricity, it’s what they do. so then the power was re-powered & all was well.

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