um. hormones? panties in a bunch? something.

they’re still at it, you know. they never really stopped. & when one of those useless newsletters i used to think might be useful comes in with the subject line saying “leave those links blue!” (yes. with an exclamation mark.) i become more or less furious. i’m not sure fury is the appropriate response, but hey, gotta go with what i’ve got here. here’s the argument: all the links on the internet should be underlined and blue, because people are stupid. sure, sure, people are stupid, i’ll concede that, but honestly, if there’s anyone still out there that becomes hopelessly confused and thinks that an entire page contains nothing to click on just because the links aren’t blue? they should get off the internet and go back to mining navel lint full time.

*breathe* ok, now i know that in a business setting it’s important for the bottom line to cater to anyone capable of buying no matter how much of a bottom feeder they are. fine. but there are so many ways to make it imminently clear that a link is clickable (for instance, including the text “click here” in the link), it just requires a little creativity. so what we have here is people who don’t want to think, pontificating on the subject of how other people don’t want to think, concluding, ‘don’t make us think’.

you know what i think? i think we should ban ‘link blue’ from the internet entirely. make people think, dammit. THINK.

8 thoughts on “um. hormones? panties in a bunch? something.

  1. See, one of the reasons I hated the crosshair cursor thing was because my link indicator (in my brain) was, “if you touch it and a hand appears, it’s a link!”
    And you know, if there was one with the middle finger extended instead of the index finger, I’d be OK with that.
    I should probably add the underline to the hover in the links on my blog, since all my text is sahded of grey.
    *off to do that now*

  2. No, we have to all have our links blue and underlined we must remember to conform to the standards remember the head that doesn’t pop up doesn’t get squashed!

  3. My dear Ms. E, I am sorry to inform you that the class action suit is for sufferers only. If we let the heaving hoi polloi in on it, well, the payday would be that much smaller for us blue-link victims. Oh. Okay. You can be in on it. But just you. I hate to be mercenary about the whole thing, but really, a line must be drawn somewhere.

  4. I totally agree with you. and ban that damn underline link too. I promise that if anyone has blue links anymore, I will boycott the page.

  5. What of those of us who are “link blue” color blind? What, then, will we do when all hyperlinks are in that demonic shade of blue we can no longer (or were born unable to) see?

    I smell a class action suit… and mostly because I’m broke and need the money. But I still can’t see “link blue”!!!

  6. omg! now i’m even more outraged! what about the link-blue-challenged portion of the population? i’m having anxiety and mental anguish just thinking about it, can i get in on the suit?

  7. I see a huge backlash coming. There will be protest marches, civil disobedience, letter writing campaigns, refusal to pay taxes–all by people either for or against blue hyperlinks.

    Stand with me over here if you want rainbow links. What do we want? RAINBOW LINKS! When do we want them? NOW!

    2–4-6-8 Rainbow Links are really great!
    1-3-5-9 Blue Links should go the way of Hate!

    I better stop.

  8. Jilly dear, have you checked your prescription lately?

    ‘Cause you are killing me!

    Oh, the flashbacks…

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