and it makes me wonder

your honor, the suspect had the means and the opportunity, and maybe even a motive, but for the life of us we cannot figure out what the hell he was thinking.

some time ago, i started getting newsletters from not spam! this is not a site that would spam. no, someone signed me up. didn’t pay it much attention and didn’t bother to unsubscribe, every once in awhile i’ll click a link in the newsletter — no problem.

well, today’s subject line about national HIV testing day (which is tomorrow incidedntally) caught my attention, and i ended up poking around a bit. started wondering who signed me up, and why. i seem to be a member, but of course i lack a login; i checked the email headers and it’s being sent to “kissmy @ (myoldurl).us”. now that doesn’t have a vicious ring to it, but it’s not a friendly practical joke, either.

now i gather from the lengthy, apologetic unsubscribe info at the bottom of the newsletter, that this is a fairly common prank among the repressed homophobic jerk idiot portion of the populace. and this makes me sad. must make being a site admin a rather nightmarish job, no doubt involving having to respond to all manner of abusive responses from inadvertent subscribers.

sometimes we lizards just don’t understand humans atall.

7 thoughts on “and it makes me wonder

  1. i think everyone does. pants are nothing but a conspiracy. it’s the Man keeping us down, man.

  2. I am still looking for the asshat who signed me up for the republican national newsletter. Now that is what you do to people you really dislike.

  3. regarding National HIV testing Day, I remember a few years ago I took a comprehensive STD/HIV test, and it all went rather swimmingly. The doctor who administered it was an extremely attractive and funny lady. Embarrassingly I got really aroused talking to her as she was performing a visual inspection, but she was totally professional about it.

    When she dipped the q-tip in Iodine (or whatever it was) and shoved it up inside my, um, wee wee, YYYEEEEOOOWWW that was one of the most startling and eye-opening (not to mention painful and stinging) experiences I have ever had. I’m surprised I didn’t go through the roof, and every time I see a Q-tip now I still get scared.

  4. i don’t get this business of signing people up for something like that either, liz… but, maybe it’s just because i don’t think that way. and, boy, can i empathize with the sysadm for the site… there must be plenty of hate-mail generated by the idiots who foist the newsletter on others falsely. it’s just disgusting, it is.

  5. Obviously whoever signed you up doesn’t know who you are.. I mean, if I wanted to piss you off, or give ya a good hating I would sign you up for some right wing, fundamentalist newsletter, now that would cause a tizzy.

  6. It’s ok. I’m human (supposedly) and I don’t understand most humans either. For example, I’m still awaiting an explanation on Britney Spears.

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