attn: jaded, world-weary californians

although i generally disapprove of the usage of the special characters on license plates, i’d make an exception for these (which appear to be available, amazingly enough, maybe i’m the only person in california that feels this way? naah.)
i hate hearts
if i did not already have the most outrageously cool license plates, i’d be sorely tempted to run down to the DMV this morning.

do you know at the same time i got HTTP WWW, i almost got LIC PL8 as well? sigh. cool plates are just … cool.

3 thoughts on “attn: jaded, world-weary californians

  1. the dmv custom platesearch site is second only to in its ability to enthrall me endlessly. however, license plates are far, far more expensive & such a hassle, otherwise i’d probably have way too many of them too.

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