don’t panic

beer permitting, i will have this thing skinned shortly so those of you who wish to stay with the mellow beachified version may do so.

random observation: some things cannot be disassembled in an orderly fashion. some things just have to break. i’m not talking about websites here. i’m talking, two months. i’m good with two months. am i being deliberately obtuse? yes i am. it’s ok.

11 thoughts on “don’t panic

  1. i also might lay down with a good book & maybe even have a little snivel, rather than the doing the skinning thing, at least this evening. not to worry.

  2. Oh, liz, this is soooo cool! I mean the freeway sign and everything!!!

    My compliments to the chef! What a great dish you’ve ‘served’ up <g>!

    I love it!

  3. I just watched a movie where one of the main characters lived her life based on signs that would appear to her. I would have to say that 80 mph would appear to be just such a thing.

  4. *whew* finally got the top images to flow. they were bugging the hell outta me.

    the speedometer pictures in the sidebar? now those, those were taken at night. too bad i didn’t 90 didn’t come out as well as the 83 (a couple of those fast people, you know the ones with the little souped up cars who get competetive around each other?) passed me so i figured, hey, the coast is clear now’s my chance, & i floored it. it was fun getting the pictures.

    the daytime picture, there was such traffic, i didn’t get my opening till about a half mile before my exit. all in all, quite a challenge. the CHP guy now? that was just serendipity, sitting there on moorpark road, all of a sudden a half a zillion copcars & firetrucks go zoomin’ by, & me with my camera.

  5. as soon as i get the skin thingy done. i have been doing a bit of napping today, & i have houseguests on the way, & … well, as Sillynun has seen, i get a bit neurotic with houseguests. sigh. but i need to skin this, for when i miss that picture of my kids that would be here when commenting. i like both looks, for different reasons. this one is just more … accurate.

  6. I like the whole anti-social Smokey and the Bandit thing that’s going on here nowadays. Nice color scheme too. “Cops” is my favorite show, about the only thing I’ll watch (but I always take the criminal’s side…).

  7. you know, ms. liz- i do not do change well. not at all. each time i go to ‘click’ you from our place, my hand begins to shake. and yet…i can’t help myself. i must keep coming back. amazing thing you’ve done this time. but, i miss the beach, too.

    ps- photos will be coming your way today. did you still want them?

  8. YOu amaze me beyond words…. Can I do both at the same time? I know I will just switch back and forth between Beach, and this..Back and forth, back and forth…. “I am in your power” hypnotized

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