so the layout will last, but the pictures will change, probably sooner than later. why? because i said so that’s why now put that down you could put somebody’s eye out.

so should i really post this? should i? it’s so … it’s …
in which i slip you some tongue

& that will have to do for now, workworkwork & all. gotta get the workworkwork done ’cause krix & co. will be passing through like a whirlwind sunday night, & it would be good to not be glancing nervously at the computer the whole time they’re here. so i have to get some stuff done. & oh you know that elebendy kabillion page report on strategic internet strategies for internetting or whatever? it was good. and it was basically unedited & done in the time it took to type, so, … i figured i’d brag. see above image for clarification.

8 thoughts on “eightymilesanhourwiththelowfuellighton

  1. Oh, that one is hilarious!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving me from the Fridayness of it all!!!

  2. i can email you the full size version from home, the 1280 x 960, if you like 🙂 of course that would be much much later on.

  3. oh look! a palindrome person changed the terror alert status! palindromes rock. a man, a plan, a canal, panama — that’s my favorite one.

  4. hee! I love that pic. It’s awesome. 🙂

    Are you gonna go see the Matrix with us on Sunday afternoon? I miss you! *doe eyes*

  5. LIz, What a fantastic picture.. Makes me laugh. And I am so glad you are going to have some fun this weekeend.

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