oh ferfucksake

do you want to compile apache with phpsuexec? highly recommended.

highly recommended my fat white ass. look, i know i’m new at this. i chose the option for beginners, the one that says it’s for beginners, the recommended one. and what does it do? changes the way PHP files permissions work on every PHP file on the entire fucking server. gee thanks you clueless geekwad fuckwits, i really enjoyed the two hours of sheer unmitigated panic. how lovely that in your little world everyone writes scripts that set flawless permissions in order to comply with a server software THAT IS IN GODDAMN BETA. sure, yeah, i’ve got what maybe a hundred people with sites on this server and of course they’ll all know just what to do, they’re all fluent in command line and i’m sure they are well-versed in the wonderfully strict new rules for CHMOD’ing PHP files, simply everyone’s talking about it dahling.

i’m actually shaking mad about this.

and now i really am going to go get beer. i’ve recompiled the apache and all should be well. i’m sorry it took so long, but i had to look everything up. while answering emails by the dozens. and getting reminded how i need to go to the store and we’re out of this and and and and.

beer. and aspirin. i’m on it.

5 thoughts on “oh ferfucksake

  1. and since that fucked up, i have to test again.

    should be mentioned that my CMS is still working just fine. it might be high time to go the old switcheroonie. yeppers.

  2. She is, isn’t she!

    Having admin’ed a server or two, I can tell you she started those gyrations with a ‘degree of difficulty’ of at least 2.5…

    …and absolutely stuck the landing!

  3. don’t forget to buy yourself a nice $20 bottle of wine and some chocolate chip cookies. and no, don’t share.

    i better send you another check.

    have i mentioned lately how amazing you are?

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