perfectly normal.

my barbies were always such tramps. if they wore anything at all, their outfits would resemble your standard central casting hooker ensemble, circa 1970, however they generally didn’t bother with clothes, spent most of the time naked & drunk in the dreamhouse. middle class suburban preteens staging play orgies, perfectly normal around my neighborhood, nothing unusual atall.

[wavy line scene switch; we are now in the very near future]

but have you ever asked yourself, what if barbies built battlebots? and did you answer yourself with something along the lines of, ‘glittery little blatantly phallic dealymathingys’?

well, here you go:
0614themc-t.jpg 0614trampt.jpg 0614tuggie-t.jpg tuggiebk-t.jpg

0615basic-t.jpg 0615chloe2-t.jpg 0615mini-t.jpg whoknows-t.jpg

12 thoughts on “perfectly normal.

  1. Girl… Not one of those things was overly phallic to me.. And I should know.. I also know you could do much more phallic than that.. hehehehehe.. Yeah, it’s a challenge.

  2. yeah — they’re basically garbage, nail polish, and crazy glue. it’s a good thing you’re only looking at their pictures, these things are sniff-a-riffic.

  3. i have a *lot* of doll arms left. next things will involve those, and some nuked CDs, & who knows what else.

  4. Ya’ know, those are sooo much fun to go through trying to figure out what the components are.

    …love the one with the telco line adapter!

  5. and that mini one – that’s one of those dealys that hold cables into the ports – the screw thingys on the side? and there are beercaps and screws & earrings & paperclips & a whole bunch of things i can’t even identify, they are the sorts of things one finds in a junk drawer, and can’t remember how they got there.

    i like shiny things.

  6. You should start maybe selling these here on the website. Or, better yet, start considering trades for artwork we have done. They are pretty cool, I have a friend that makes fridge magnets that look kind of like these, but not as 3 Dimensional otherwise the magnets won’t hold them up.

  7. Hey I just had a great idea, you should start making custom pot pipes and selling them down by the beach in one of those little mobile hotdog cart thingies. Custom pipes cost an arm and a leg, and stoners would be endlessly fascinated by your work (at least I am…)

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