pointless whining and run-on sentences

i have so much too much to do. this tends to leave me paralytic & twitchy & overly prone to outbursts, loud & profane, signifying frustration at even the simplest slightest things, for instance the way the the mouse becomes harder to use the more frustrated i get and of course this would be operator problems, in this case my tendency to clench when stressed, which affects fine motor skills. it also causes run-on sentences.

one thing at a time? are you mad? any less than three things at once & i’m overwhelmed with the things i’m not doing. as it is, at any one moment i’m not doing at least a half dozen things that are needs, absolutely. inefficiency in the face of the sense of impending doom cycles around to push things another measure closer to panic, which even the slightest perspective shift shows is an utterly illogical way to respond to any of this.

i did get two things done, if done can be taken to mean hacked into an incomplete but miminally acceptable state of not being entirely undone. one of them was an elebendy kabillion page report about strategies for internet somethingorother. the other one is this right here. two other things which if done would result in the ability to send out actual invoices, and of course that bit about the housecleaning and the getting paid for that, remain almost completely and utterly unstarted. various other sources of panic all involve things financial in nature, imagine that. or don’t, i mean, it’s not pleasant.

i just realized i forgot to eat anything today. i’ll get to it eventually i’m sure. if not, there’s always tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “pointless whining and run-on sentences

  1. Low blood sugar leads me to grumpy grouchy, almost PMS like mood swings. Go eat sister friend… Or I will hop a plane and come cook for you…

    Give yourself a break honey.. I am so thrilled by what you have already done, and the rest is just eyeshadow, and blush on an already gorgeous face. It will wait. I will wait, and it isn’t like the thing is breaking all over the place or anything.

  2. I swear I just saw diet Red Bull in the store the other day.

    I mean, what is the point??? That’s like ordering decafe at Starbucks at 6 in the morning…

  3. elebendy is a good word. ’round here we pronounce it ‘elembdy’ and use it thusly: ‘elembdy-seb’m’. it works in fine fashion. confused: I thot there was whoop ass lite, tho? Lo-carb whoopass? I AM marginally sure, however, that there is no whoopass with olestra. that would be quite icky: diarrhear-inducing whoopass is not purdy, I’d hazard to guess.

  4. who wants to hide the salami?

    do me doggie style and give me a spanking baby

    that shit is whack

    what would you do with a happy ending

    why is this stuff in french?

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