mommy? what’s go, with a p?
oh, that’s GOP — it means grand old party
oh a party!
no, no, it’s not a fun party. it’s a political party. republicans.
publicans? what are publicans?

* * *
sheesh. couldn’t he have asked me where babies come from, or where we go when we die? how do you tell a little kid about … republicans?

7 thoughts on “publicans

  1. “Honey, they got no use for them damned meddling Kennedys and they’re really pertikaluh about which fork ta use.” Right?

  2. ooh! i like that much better. i could have said, publicans are our best loved public servants, they serve us beer when we need beer.

  3. i am still not clear on the concept myself. and being canadian eh, i keep having to ask who the bloody conservatives are. couldn’t they just have kept it simple? *blink*

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