13 thoughts on “screw it

  1. ok. there were approximately elebendy kabillion posts due to my … not knowing what i was doing trying to post by email. it almost broke the server, alll … three? times that i tried it. so i’m going to wait till later to try again.

  2. I swear the new code works like a charm. Just run it from the command line a few times until you are sure that 1. it is configured right, and 2. you have the proper modules. Do so thusly:

    $ perl pop3-to-MT.pl

    If you run it like that, there is no way you’ll kill the server. I did it for hours last night from the same server and I was golden.

    When you run it from the command line, expect a decent sized pause before you are returned a command prompt while the script executes. This is a good sign. It means it found your email and is munching on it.

    I’ll set up your crontab when I get off work if you like.

    I’m serious. My shizntiz works. I wouldn’t front and put you onto a wiggy-wack tip, yo.

    And for petesake, get the new code.

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