5 thoughts on “shakespeare in the original klingon

  1. And for you, as promised, I have translated the sonnet. You will have to view it on my blog, as Klingon depends on mixed case to be readable.

    Of course, as ‘Will’ is neither a Klingon name nor word and the poem depends on the multiple entendre of ‘Will,’ I have changed the name to qang, a common KLingon name. This strategy was also employed by a French translator; that translation is linked from my page. ‘Qang’ also means ‘chancellor’, ‘habitually comply’, ‘pour’, and as part of another word, ‘willing.’ The Klingon for “Your qang” also means “pouring” and “my qang” also means a person who pours, or a thing that pours.

    I have preserved the rhyme scheme and the iambic pentameter, but there is one weak rhyme — you can spot it, as Klingon spelling is regular.

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