the good, the bad, & the blonde

so i figure if this blonde stuff wrecks my hair, i can just cut … some … more … of it off. fortunately, i have the sort of hair which can be cut unevenly & actually look better that way.

and it gives me something to do while i’m waiting for this itty bitty table thingy made out of a micronuked mini-cd with an elizabeth arden bottle sticking up out of the middle, and arms for legs, to dry.

this blonde thing has turned out to be such a bad idea. nothing like a good bad idea, i always say.

well, it is lighter. and more even. it is, however, still nuclear mutant carrot.
hair003-t.jpg hair006-t.jpg

9 thoughts on “the good, the bad, & the blonde

  1. Maybe it is because I am a redhead.. But I really like your hair in both those pictures.

  2. Baby, I love you in nuclear carrot. Some people would pay a gazillion dollars to emulate that look. I want to see it with Very Dark Roots, too. I’ll help you dye them. ;-*

  3. Yeah, well, that’s one very nice looking nuclear mutant carrot look.

    Just don’t start shilling for AT&T <g>…

  4. i think i will have to give up trying to make the hair other than orange. i have tortured it, and it will not break. i mean, ok, there’s breakage, but the color remains in spite of repeated fullon peroxide assaults. therefore i shall acquire some really punky orange soon, & just go with it.

  5. you mean to tell me that gorgeous red hair is a mistake? well, you’re not the dumb blonde type anyway. no offense to dumb blondes.

  6. oops — forgot the cookies. that was me with the dumb dumb blonde comment. just in case any dumb blondes want to know who to flame. [was a dumb blonde myself once, btw.]

  7. Why not take the next step and go totally anti-social fluorescent pink? Once I had Plum Crazy Manic Panic hair, way back when I was younger and could pull it off.

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