the most recent temptation of liz

this is so not my fault. “make a barbie battlebot skin” he says. then he says it again, there was definitely repetition.

and then it happened. the dreaded *idea*.

it’s not so much a barbie battlebot skin, as a question: art or artifice? (at least that’s what it was saying circa four a.m.) (it is much less serious now in the light of day). 0618-95-t.jpg

15 thoughts on “the most recent temptation of liz

  1. I say make it default.. I especially love the 95mph speedometer reading in the left column and the background of the text area.. Looks familiar to me..

  2. And for the record.. The take on “The Origin of Man” is so beyond simply inspired. It is truly holy.

  3. the 95mph was yesterday on the way to work – had my opening & stomped on it. wanted 100 but hell, i was smoking a cigarette & taking pictures of the speedometer, plus the car needs tires & was doing more than a bit of vibrating & acting like it wanted to get real skittish on me so …

    it was quite the major inspiration though. i was fiddling with the two images & the way the hand was reaching out & it hit me.

  4. seriously — i’ve just been flitting from page to page, gazing raptly at my own website. sometimes i go for the random skins, sometimes just this one. my own self-absorption can be truly mindblowing at times.

    i should really shutup, but before i do i would like to go on record as being quite thankful about the whole, inspiration thing that i’ve had going on lately.

  5. Liz.. This is something to be very proud of.. It is as close to perfection as we can get I think

  6. needs work. needs one of those background images in this area, like the beachy skin. it’ll come to me, eventually. meantime, i really wanted to get this out 🙂

  7. HOLY JEBUS on Crack… I adore this.. I have my favorite, and no more random for me…Repeat Happy Nun Dance

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