8 thoughts on “the to-do list

  1. 🙂 I actually saw someone do this a couple of months ago at the station near my house. Was kind of funny. Although not sure how the guy working there felt about it.

  2. some gas stations have these big car wash thingies you can drive through. i bet you’ve seen them in movies, like in screwball comedies or cop buddy movies where the guys run through them and come out all sudsy. i just bet you have one of those near where you live. do not scorn them–they are one of the most entertaining damn things i’ve ever come across. especially in slow motion on black and white 8mm film…

  3. but … but … you’re *supposed* to wash your car in the car washy things. it’s not only an acceptable use of the facilities, it’s even *efficient*.

  4. wash your car with the squeegee at the pumps; walk though the car wash thingy instead of showering…

    Explain hair as New Wave

  5. i wonder if getting zakk to walk thru a carwash would be easier than getting him to shower more often… smelly teenager.

  6. you know, i used to think about doing that too, back when i had a car. i also used to fantasize about having a rolls and never washing it, just to be snotty.

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