um. (boobs) shhhh.

i think such shameful thoughts sometimes. and there’s no excuse.

i am not sure when this happened, and i’m terribly afraid it will suddenly unhappen before i can afford to stock up — anyway, at some point in the recent past, the ban on making cute, comfortable bras in my size was lifted, and there are now, right now as i type this, literally dozens of styles available in 38dd, at target, which are stretchy & comfy & manage to accomplish thier bra-ly duties without resembling tank armor or having enormous grandmotherly straps. hell, this one’s so cute it’s all i can do right now to resist dashing into the bathroom and taking a picture, but that would be wrong, right? ’cause, um, these boobs have never been on the internet, no, not even in the tequila & webcam days. not even for a good cause, during the blogathon. and they damn sure haven’t been attached to emails & sent off willy-nilly. and the fact that most swimsuits are more revealing? still no excuse. i’m a good girl now, i am. not that i was a bad girl before.

i don’t believe i’m posting this. but, just as i’ve had to learn to write my drunk emails sober, i’ve had to develop all manner of coping skills now that i rarely if ever manage to get past slightly tipsy, even when i’m trying. it’s traumatic, not having any excuse, you know.

5 thoughts on “um. (boobs) shhhh.

  1. I think it is a good sign that you are considering sharing the girls with the world. We are socialized to think pride in what nature gave us is a bad thing. I think it is a grand, and healthy thing. Not like you are contemplating a full on “Hustler-type” beaver shot. And most gay boys I know love boobies.

  2. Good grief, go stock up now! Comfort with cuteness has been in short supply for way too long!
    …and let me know for Shelley if you find any that are ‘all cotton’.

  3. all cotton has never been really comfy, unless they put some stretch in it — which makes it less than all cotton. this is a wonderfully soft springy material, not like that thin sheer stuff, kind of like light padding, but stretchy … it’s amazing stuff. feels just heavenly.

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