we are stardust, we are nuclear mutant carrot

before i got another bottle of that brightbright orange stuff , i had to grocery. and sometimes when i grocery, well, i just have to wonder.

crack for breakfast?
you tell me that little critter ain't on crack

energy? does it need batteries i wonder?
it's a nice big one, isn't it?

the checkout counter proved the highlight of my shopping expedition. look — how romantic:
i think someone in the photoshopping department used to work for harlequin books

4 thoughts on “we are stardust, we are nuclear mutant carrot

  1. Why is it all the evil people MUST have been gay? First Hitler, now Saddam, and Osama.. Come on give me a break

  2. NO NO NO.. the Homo’s won’t allow those two in our midsts.. One thing though.. Why is it when someone is “evil” they become gay? Hrmmmm

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