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  1. after i get 110, i quit. and don’t worry, i’ve been driving like this for years. i used to frequently do 125 in my ’74 mercury cougar xr7, 400 cubic inches of sweet detroit power.

    then years later there was the camaro, 5 liter v8 4bbl rochester carb four speed automatic with a shift kit omg omg that was auto-erotica i tell you. power.

    and i’m an exceptionally competent driver.

    and i haven’t had a moving violation since 1983.

  2. i mean can you imagine scratch in three gears in an *automatic*? oh god i miss my camaro.

  3. i’d never make it, i put my last quarters in the tank to get home and i’m three figures in the red in my checking due to the fact my overdraft enablement was part of this month’s budget.

    otherwise i’d be there in a couple hours, i am not kidding. i need outta this hellhole.

  4. <ahem> I ride a BMW R1150RT, 95 hp in a 600 pound machine. I don’t get scratch with it, but the front end does tend to get a bit light on hard acceleration. 🙂 There is nothing like the acceleration of high-performance hardware.

    Last weekend I went for a ride with a couple of buddies who ride cruisers. I’m a good player, not too squidly, but I took off when we got to some curves, blasting through them at relatively high speeds. I had a blast, leaning the big bike way over in the curves, feeling the suspension work, the balance of forces in tight harmony between fun and disaster. I grinned through the whole section.
    Then, when I passed through the twisty section, I paused, waiting for my friends to catch up. I’m not a squid, really. 🙂

    I think I need a ride!

  5. 101 klicks? or miles?
    what i would do for a road trip. open road, speeding down it as the sun comes up. no one in sight.

    my mom would pack us up in the middle of the night. 3 hours before dawn, her favourite hour to begin a trip when the roads were deserted. she’s through me in the back with a blanket and pillow and we’d go zooming down the highway, destination mostly known, a months supply of food packed in the trunk, tent and camping gear. i miss those days…

  6. munin: miles — it’s about 160 km/h. sounds so much faster that way.

    and the buick, looking for all the world like a grammamobile, leapt from the 75 we were doing to that 100 in the tiniest bit of time, her 3.8L V6 has quite a respectable bit of get up and go up at the high end of things. i went from the idea – aha, look an opening where’s the camera oh there it is, punch pedal click camera back off pedal — in probably a quarter mile or less, these openings are never that big (this is highway 101 in southern california in the early afternoon)

  7. Timing being everything…

    How I miss the days of the Pontiac with the Carter AFB feeding that engine. …or the Wing and I heading out to wherever.

    Nice imagery, Rumi!

  8. Mom had a Buick Riviera Gran Sport with dual quads and a powerplant with 430 cubes. She knew how to use that car too… wow, scary… 😉

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