and it was punk fifteen in the morning

it was five when i went to bed, not even light yet, but so tired i just curled up on the couch and told myself not tonight honey, in spite of the fact i’d been kinda hoping to get some. drifted into the dreams, such lovely dreams.

it was eleven when i woke up, though i had no idea at the time. churchbells began to ring as i was fighting falling back into the dreams, the lovely dreams. couldn’t focus on counting the bong … bong … bong, this meant having to open my eyes. not as easy as it sounds. grabbed phone, peered at it intently while the blur resolved into little numbers. now you see, it could have been worse. it could have been noon. so what’s the harm if i go back to sleep till noon, i wondered, since it easily could have already been noon, and there would have been nothing i could have done about it. bounced this around in the mindfog but kept working on the eye-opening problem anyway, all in all it took about twenty minutes to get up off of the couch, and an hour to get out of the door.

it’s a really good thing i’ve trained those around me not to expect me before i get there. it’s just not that easy.

6 thoughts on “and it was punk fifteen in the morning

  1. Even given the time zone difference, by the time you’re drifting off to sleep I’m already on my way to work. Getting up at 6:30 am is KILLING ME!!! Do you hear me? IT”S KILLING ME!!!

  2. at ten at night? this is my … midafternoon, except unlike regular midafternoons, it doesn’t make me sleepy. i’m just starting to get really awake. do my best coding after the normies are all off to bed.

  3. damn it, i want to see you BEFORE you get here, lizard! Warp 7!

    streamXsonic, me and some other people are trying to figure out how to start an anarcho-syndicalist commune that will abolish the need to get up before noon with alarm clocks, FOR EVER. but you may be required to write poetry, so i don’t know if it’s your cup of tea.

  4. lol, another thing we have in common…when i started my former job i was there by 8 every morning…by the time bekah died my boss was resigned to the fact that by 9 was a miracle and somewhere between 10 and 11 was the norm.

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