… and miracles out of nowhere

sometimes i wonder. all the whining i do, and i do whine, not always outloud but believe you me there’s a whole lotta snivelin’ goin’ on at any one time, somewhere inside somehow someway. and yeah i don’t always get what i want.

but people who know me bring me strange little shiny objects, yes, when people see small glittery things headed for a wastebasket, they think of me. which is utterly delightful.

and then there are random kindnesses that are so out of left blue yonder and just in the nick of time, a tick or so before some detonation. it’s no wonder i live well the hell in denial most of the time, you would too if the universe had saved your sorry ass as many times as it has mine. it’s not that i expect it, it’s just it’s become fairly difficult to envision the terrible things that might happen that are supposed to happen that are just about supposed to be right about now … now and … and then there’s this sort of swooping scooping move, this graceful save out of nowhere and …

maybe this is normal and i’m just really paranoid about bad things i shouldn’t even worry about? no.

no, it’s not normal. i’m not sure i entirely deserve it either and before you go disagreeing may i just say you don’t know everything about me, and we’ll leave it at that? ok then.

wow i’m not really good with thankyous am i? in case it’s not clear, that’s what this is.

3 thoughts on “… and miracles out of nowhere

  1. Grace is a magical thing cause it is never about deserving, or being worthy. It is simply a matter of being open and available to it. 🙂 Everyone is worthy. And trust me girl, If you haven’t snatched drugs off a newly dead junkie in a shooting gallery, you already are a step up on the ladder than I, and I get blessed by grace all the time.

  2. Did you manage to slide an opportunity by me?

    You did, didn’t you <g>!

    ‘Sokay, I’ll be bach (…or maybe Mozart)

  3. normal? what’s that? is it in the DSM-IV?

    i don’t know whether to say ‘thank you’ or ‘you’re welcome’ for this post, so i think i’ll just say…’silencio’.

    why oh why does netscape suck so bad? just wonderin’…thinking of putting a “sucks ass/get a real browser” message like you did at hooha, on the site i’m designing for work. then again maybe i don’t want to get fired yet.

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