as empty as my head

so i have this little zen garden. it’s about 2 x 2 1/2 inches, mabye a half inch deep, and it has sand and three chunks of obsidian and a little teeny wooden rake thingy. i play with it all the time. i make little patterns in the sand with the little rake. but over the weekend, the sand totally settles and the patterns disappear.

welcome to the land of not getting a damn thing done.

13 thoughts on “as empty as my head

  1. 🙂 I think Monday is all about not getting stuff done, and contemplating how it is we work so hard to get out of work.

  2. oh yeah? well … well …

    i liked the zen terrorists theory better. these itty bitty little ninja looking dudes sliding down the shelf risers and scurring across behind the monitor, ducking behind the pencil cup, bouncing off the stapler and whisk! whisk! making it all smooth.

    i cherish my delusions.

  3. It’s Monday, for gosh sakes. You expected to get something done?

    Nope, there a rules in place to prevent such things…

  4. oh great, now i’m sitting here eyeing my peaceful little garden suspiciously. maybe i’ll setup a surveillance system on my desk? i mean come to think of it who knows what goes on when i’m not here to supervise.

  5. you don’t have to welcome me to that land! i have a permanent beach home there. okay, it’s more of a shack about five miles from the waterfront but if you crane your neck just right, and lean out the bedroom window you can see a little bit of blue. imagination takes care of the rest.

    as it always does.

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