awake and alive

it was hard to stay mad at the Kia driver who tried to commit suicide by bouncing off the buick on the 101 this morning. he didn’t succeed, not even the bouncing part, but only because i’m really, really good at not letting stuff run into me. ’twas close, i’d say inches. but when i got up alongside him to him to give him a good gesturing, he was just shaking his head, and i thought, what a good way of conveying that he knew exactly what i would have been attempting to communicate, that is, that he’s an idiot and needs to … stop being such an idiot.

70 mph near-miss: excellent way to start the week out feeling awake and alive.

4 thoughts on “awake and alive

  1. I am glad it was a near miss… and not a hit… Unless it would be a Billboard Top Ten hit.. Then, I would want you to have it.

  2. thing is, i had the shoulder of the road to my left, a big solid buick with a high safety rating, and a car the size of a booger almost hitting it — so i’d probably be fine, and negotiating with the other guy’s insurance right now, and out of car debt, and … sigh.

  3. damn! if you’d barbecued him in a raging fireball of shattered fiberglass you would have scored at least 1500 points! i really hope you made up for it and ran over a boy scout troop in a crosswalk, or a momma cat and its kittens or something.

    <//end deathrace 2000 mode>

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