been working up to this

… this sort of a day. randomly: beer’s involved. as is kazaa, and rampant lyrical additions. and you know, or perhaps not, where this sort of behavior leads: *sniffle*

two pieces of pizza and by this i mean orgasmic pizza and this related to the realization i don’t know when the last time i ate … an amount of food you’d call a meal. as in i can’t remember. s’ok i’m still a big sturdy girl, no worries. plus i am all about the nibbling, i do eat, really i do. just not all at once like this.

eating peppers with a tongue ring: interesting.

was in the *sniffle* mode re: playlist/beer when the pizza guy got here. how many times do you suppose pizza guy’s delivered pizza to the sniffling? musta thought i was some kinda weirdo.


(incidentally this is beer three in like 4 hours, me=lightweight these days.) used to be able to pound thrice this many and be utterly not crying and singing to my computer. utterly. of course i was a bigbig beerdrinkin’ girl back when. beer has calories, apparently.

some stuff to get outta this system here, which has been a bit of time building all up in there, and so might carry on with it a bit, hell i might be an absolute idiot for hours to come, and i’m fine with that. lovely muggy heavy-skied saturday evening in the july of the forty third year of this life, with stuff in the system needin’ gettin’ out, it’s just that sort of day.

One thought on “been working up to this

  1. You know what I say.. Cry me a river, and enjoy the ride.. it will pass, as all things do, when it passes as all things do.

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