boredom and the parking lot

possibly the world’s dirtiest running automobile, and sadly rather than ring up the folks at the guinness book, i fear i must clean the thing this weekend. a good four months of never littering does build up.

now. i am five foot four inches tall, and i was wearing three inch heel platform shoes today. this is me, standing eye-to-grill with the beast:

hummers = ridiculous. ok, well, maybe a hummer would be practical … but only if you are a self-styled urban commando mercenary-for-hire who wears only homemade tie-died camouflage catsuits with gold lam´┐Ż combat boots and a matching evening bag. i imagine such an individual driving down the road with the theme from the A-Team on repeat, and either a rose or a knife clenched between their teeth. however i am in an exceedingly silly mood.

One thought on “boredom and the parking lot

  1. A chap I work with has something similar with a roof-rack for bicycles. He keeps a collapsible step-ladder in the boot so he can get the bikes up. Spoils the effect somehow to see him shinnying up the ladder to get the bike on the roof of the car.

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