dotlizard dotcom does not condone surfing at work

but, if you choose to do so, dotlizard dotcom doesn’t want you getting caught. there’s a new skin (it’s in the sidebar too), an idea i stole from probably either her or maybe her, i can’t remember exactly. i left the sidebar in, which makes it less word-documenty-looking, but all in all it’s far less obvious than any of the current skins, and still retains all the same goodies.

4 thoughts on “dotlizard dotcom does not condone surfing at work

  1. You sooooo don’t want Microsoft to see this. In fact for the low low price of a couple months of rent on an oceanside apartment there in Ventura, Microsoft might not find out. Blackmail is a bitch, isn’t it?

    Seriously, I love that skin. It is really cool. You’ve outdone yourself.

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