ebay goosebumps

six mintues two seconds. gonna jump in at the last minute with an amount calculated based on how much i’d pay at the one retail outlet still carrying this incredibly full featured but not brand new camera. 4 minutes twenty seconds. the reviews i read placed it, back in the day, at $1000 – $1200, it is $199 plus $20 at the outlet. it’s $137.50 plus $10 right now. 3 minutes twenty seconds. i’ll go $165 tops. i’d be using my overdraft protection to spend the rent money i’m depositing tomorrow and then working my — 2 minutes 27 seconds — ass off to be able to bill my client in time to cover this madness. not madness. necessity. necessity got it? ok, it’s time, i’m goin’ in.

nope. $167.50. do i go $182.50? that’s still good. brought it up to $177.50, i’m high bidder. omg. 49 seconds. goosebumps the size of geese.


oh shit. i gotta work.

12 thoughts on “ebay goosebumps

  1. i’m not entirely crazed here, my camera did DIE yesterday and i couldn’t face life without a digicam and i wasn’t going to really but then i found this and went like OMG and … breathe. breathe.

  2. decisions decisions.

    now, i just took the old one apart and there really is nothing visible wrong, no loose wires, no on/off switch slipped out of place — it really is dead. now.

    i have a friend that might have handy friends who can fix this, but maybe not, and … well, i need the cable and stuff anyway, the new one is just the camera, my stuff will fit though.

    or — two words: trash art.

    after careful consideration i do believe this is simply a five-ish year old device that is just … dead. and should therefore be … taken apart and all the little shiny things! woo!

  3. The new one might use a USB cable, and I’m thinking your old one used the older serial cable. Better research it.

    The cheapest and best way around that problem is to not use a cable connecting camera to PC, but to get a media card reader for whatever your new camera takes (Smart Media?). Occasionally one can find them on blowout sales at computer joints for $5.00.

    If the new camera does use a serial cable, and even if it does use a USB cable, a USB card reader is better anyway. Much faster, don’t need to waste camera batteries and stuff while downloading., PC just reads the card reader as a plug & play drive, sucks the pictures out superduperfast.

  4. holy cramoley, is that an SLR? does it have zero shutter lag? i hate you!!! you’re spending what i spent on my fuji finepix!!
    <turns green />

  5. it was in the review that it uses the slower serial cable, which the reviewer didn’t like, but since it’s what i’ve got already, works for me, i’ll be able to use it right away while i shop around for a card reader. and i have rechargeable NiMHs around here somewheres, so the battery drainage thing doesn’t worry me too much. now where did i put those batteries?

  6. i spent my rent money, r@d@r. i spent the overdraft protection of my rent money. don’t be all that green, i have a lot of scrambling to do.

    it’s tough being the queen of cashflow, but i manage 🙂

  7. sweet! erm. yes. is that what i want to say. erm. yes. that’s right! sweet. congratz liz. sorry to hear that your other one died. not sure why is did that. was it te battery? is it still in one piece? did you find a cable. and shouldn’t the new camera have come with one?
    hope you have lots of fun with your new toy. titcha’dshi. [don’t ask. it means congratulations on your new toy, enjoy it very much and we hope you have lots of fun with it. ~ hebrew]

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