as the sun set after the weird mini-hurricane, i nabbed the camera and headed out. the sunset wasn’t spectacular, which didn’t matter at all, it wasn’t the point.

got in the car started out for the store and then i realized she was turning toward downtown. knew exactly what the car had in mind: we were going up to the cross. there were no roses to smell so we did not stop, but we did manage to get a picture of the theatre downtown [correction]: picture is through windshield (kind of obvious now that i look at it):
the fact this picture rocks is totally accidental
so turned up the tiny road behind city hall, wound up the windy little teeny little road, through the gate they close at night to prevent people from driving their nice comfy cars up there to have sex in. if people want to have sex up there, well, they have to hike in, in the dark. the park service is a big ole meanie. again, this is taken right handed out of the left-side window, so …
it has some sort of name, too, i just don't know it
the view from up top is sweet indeed, this is just a tiny bit of it:
just the place for taking in the view
the actual cross is … well, it’s a cross. they light it up at night, to taunt the horny teenagers who would heed its call and cruise up for a little teenage quality time.
i think, like, sailors used to navigate by it too or something
when you finish the circuit and return to the bottom of the hill, it’s three of the world’s most lovely blocks down to the ocean:
california street is so beautiful
so theoretically you could walk from the ocean and right into the mountains (well, foothills) in about fifteen minutes. and if you wanted to keep walking at that point, well, you would get one incredible workout.

3 thoughts on “escape

  1. additional observation: something about getting out of the house made me extra-happy. and so as i bounced around taking this and that picture, smiling, i noticed … something i haven’t noticed in a long time, and i’ve been watching too. for the longest time i’ve been invisible. well, invisible as far as, guys doing that guy thing with the eyes up and down. which is yeah i know chauvinist piggish or whatever but it’s fucked up when it stops happening, i tell you what.

    but it happened a lot this afternoon/evening. and i was wearing a fairly frumpy full length summery dress (i’ll admit the buttoning of it was at the absolute minimum, but still). it was a good thing to feel un-invisible.

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