ever feel like somebody’s watching you?

people are weird.

so i glance out the window, and there’s this guy on the corner, checking out the debris from the big carcrash earlier today. he’s not cleaning it up, and i doubt accident inspectors wander around in grubby jeans with their shirts unbuttoned, sporting a ‘do that either took hours and handfulls of styling product or weeks between showers — i’m betting the latter.

so, dude has spotted some shiny things. he takes a few steps into the street, bends over, and dabs his fingertips at the ground, like you would if trying to pick up something tiny by getting it to stick to your fingers. he does this for perhaps five seconds – a long time to stand bent over in the street in a busy intersection. he stands up, wanders back over to the sidewalk and paces back and forth for a bit, glancing around like looking for someone. he veers off into the grass, shuffling his feet around, feeling for something? which he maybe finds, he stands there nudging at something with his foot for a few seconds. must be nothing; he returns to sidewalk pacing. back and forth, out in the street, glancing around.

looks up at the building and sees me watching intently. casually starts walking down the sidewalk, a few hundred feet, crosses the street and out of my line of sight; fifteen seconds later there he is right back again, crossing the street, pacing his now much longer pacing path, glancing around, glancing up.

this went on for at least fifteen minutes.

people. weird.

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5 comments on “ever feel like somebody’s watching you?
  1. Oscar says:

    Welcome to my world. All day, six days/week :-)

  2. r@d@r says:

    sounds like one of those idiot savant forensic experts, like columbo, checking the scene for evidence everyone else missed. at least that’s the story i like to tell myself.

    or he could have just been some dude who likes shiny things.

  3. stacey says:

    Maybe he was having an “LSD vacation”, and was getting into the sparkly stuff on the road. Or maybe he was one of those psychics trying to catch vibes.

  4. However, you did watch the entire thing for fifteen minutes.

  5. liz(ard) says:

    finally! (this was actually my point, you know :)

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