i’m supposed to be doing really important stuff

sometimes you nail ’em, sometimes it’s nothin’ but sky:

and this, well, around here lately it’s harder to miss pictures of road construction than to get them.

**(note: click ’em, they get bigger)

* * * * * * later that strange afternoon * * * * * * * * *
In California, adults have always had the right to use the first, middle and last names of their choice. In fact, California adults have the legal right to change their names simply by using their desired new names. You don’t have to go to court and you don’t have to file any forms or pay any fees. This method for changing your name is called the “Usage” method.

any guesses as to what this means? oh yeah. and don’t think i won’t. because it would be just silly to think that.

sometimes i wish i lived back when everything was all sepiatoned. but there wouldn’t have been bad religion back then, and it would be the thing that made the difference between the smiles:

and, i fear the freeway sign thing has lost its lustre. fish in a barrel, man.

9 thoughts on “i’m supposed to be doing really important stuff

  1. and yes, my windows really are that dirty. the whole car is ridiculously filthy. (it makes whatsisface just insane, it does)

  2. You will always be liz(/ard) to me. Even if I can’t spell it
    The best name you have had in awhile..

  3. I had to get a judge’s approval to change my last name. Pissed me off that I needed the approval of someone I don’t know just to change my name.

  4. yeah, this is late [i feel stupid but just cannot seem to get the logic of your blog, anyhow], but it’s just what it says: you wanna be betty boop? tomorrow, start using the name Betty Boop. there ya go

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