it’s all over now, isn’t it?

a bad, bad thing just happened.

it’s hot today, and so i decided to wear this cute little floaty hippie shirt i have, which meant i finally had to mend the sleeve. so i sat down with the thread, and the needle, and … well shit, how am i supposed to get this blasted … damn thing’s just too freakin’ small i mean what the hell are they thinking *grumble*

and then i swear it, i hear: ‘psst. hey. hey, over here’. i look over and there on the nightstand, are chris’s reading glasses. i’m thinking no, no way.

but yeah. yeah. they really helped.

5 thoughts on “it’s all over now, isn’t it?

  1. What the hell you doing up this early in the AM two days in a row… Are you handing in your vampire credentials?

  2. dude i’m supposed to be at work by noon. usually i make it there by one, but i’m trying to be good.

  3. Join the rest of us, kd!!!
    But good news, they can now make progressive lenses for reading small print and large print–and no one can tell!
    You can also buy trendy looking reading glasses just about anywhere….

  4. 🙂 The nun is going to smack a ruler on the toxic brat’s knuckles for pointing out that we are all not so young anymore.. .. I swear I don’t need no reading glasses I swear.. Okay.. maybe a little.

  5. i’ve been doing fine just taking off my nearsighted glasses, for a long time. i’m sure it’s not my eyes, it was the damn needle. stupid hole was the size of thread!

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