life with liz(ard)

for the most part, it is a lizard’s nature to be nervous, and i am one with lizardkind on that issue. however i’m really just a human who thinks she’s a lizard, (shh! that’s just between us, ok?), and as such i find there are times these nerves begin to get on their own nerves, and it’s time for a diversion. this is how a playful lizard ended up in a bathroom with a camera, which as it turns out is some sort of fun, at least it looks that way:
lizards like bathrooms they like them alot

* * *
later on, this same lizard experienced a sort of epiphany – it happened as she sat down to write about this one simple thing and in doing so she seriously made a discovery, i mean it made things feel different. and she wanted to give herself that pat on the back, and so she wrote this, for herself:

i can change things with words. correction: the things themselves remain unchanged, however what we perceive is never a thing itself, but the way the light is either absorbed or reflected off its surface.

well i can change the light.

corny as that may be, and corny it is, still, it applies.

5 thoughts on “life with liz(ard)

  1. I want a “I Can Change the Light” T-Shirt. Well, at least I perceive that I want too. Maybe I don’t. Dang, I just ain’t getting an handling on the difference between perception and advertisement.

  2. and then wear the tshirt and walk around town pointedly pointing at traffic lights just as they were going to turn anyway. that would be fun. could develop a straggling band of followers, you know, following.

  3. Ooh… I like the way you phrased that. Once you can wrap your head around the concept of perception vs. [as] reality, Life takes on a less-threatening persona; because, you realize you have more power than you originally thought.

    “I Can Change Light”


  4. coffee mugs? or maybe i just have coffee on the … or rather, not on the brain. must change that. and i feel kinda silly having even said that, but i always am silly at that hour, it is its own drug.

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