nineteen eighty nine was in the garage as well


what demons await, salivating at
     the delicious prospect of my
     impending sleep, their
     brushes poised to paint
     twitching lids with travesty?
i dreamt i stood
     in a harbor, holding
     the flame of my free will
     high, symbolizing the coming
     apocalypse and consumed
     from within with
then came
     the naked dream; exposed before
     my myriad mirrored accusers,
     bereft of even the
     smallest shred of
a chorus of condemnation comes crashing
     down around me
     as i awaken in a
     daze of disillusionment,
     fully expecting further failure.
morning’s hints of hope cannot help me
     and the nightmare remains, my
     constant reminder that
     if all is not yet lost then
     soon, it will be.
& the mind declines, deprived
     of rest, its struggles
     focusted inward, forming
     a burning pinpoint of
     despair no daylight can disperse …
a sudden scream shreds the sky –
     a dazzling display of defiance
     everywhere, exploding

-(me) 02 sep 89

5 thoughts on “nineteen eighty nine was in the garage as well

  1. whoa. i … thanks. i am not all that fond of this one but it had some resonance for me at whatever o’clock it was.

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