2 thoughts on “nineteen seventy nine

  1. Wow. It’s wonderful that you kept the old stuff. It’s also wonderful to see it in the original format, instead of just typed into cyberspace.

    You know, isn’t teen angst supposed to go away once a person is no longer a teen? I feel like it just gets worse and worse as I get older. I wish I would have documented everything and kept old writings and stuff instead of just making them all just chemically blur into nothingness.

  2. it’s nothing short of a miracle that i have that. as much as moved, as many times as i’ve lost everything — one time i thought it was all gone i mean all of it. much of it i recreated out of memory because all those years of revising was repetition. i wrote the same things dozens (or sometimes hundreds) of times i’m sure, and slowly i would pick them out of memory, and then i found this whole box of stuff, while back —

    that was a miracle miracle. i can’t tell you what it felt like, probably somewhere between running into an old flame, and finding a kid you lost years ago. something like that.

    since then i’ve been much better about making sure whenever i’m moving it’s the milkcrate-o-papers that stays with me at all times.

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