nocturnal issues

just this side of solstice the night arrives silky cool across all the skin i can bare and finally finally the damn day light goes and i am home in time and bathed in the particular way the bright waves fade and ebb from my periphery. somehow the music owns more space in the night time, have you noticed this?

there will be times i will abruptly leap to my feet or at least think about it and scowl expressively in a way that, without any unduly vocal announcements, makes it known that it frustrates me entirely that it would be perfect and figuring or at least suspecting that i am the only one realizing this and therefore it very well may never and excuse me but this is a major fucking loss on someone’s part doncha think?

well i do.

4 thoughts on “nocturnal issues

  1. unless you were never there.

    everything beyond the event horizon is purely theoretical. actually the event horizon itself is too.

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