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march twenty seventh, two thousand two – out and about with the camera, chasing the moon; found myself wandering down to the sand and on the way, there was art at my feet.
what if the road swallowed me whole? sense, knows, scents, nose eyes that could listen, tongues with thought, hands with taste, ears that have seen touch up, touch on, in touch, touch of

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  1. those are set into the promenade downtown, by the beach (in front of the holiday inn). they’re light … art. or art lights. they’re lit up art dealymathingies, that are in the ground.

    they’re kinda hard to explain.

  2. sort of jenny holzer-ish combined with a bit of borofsky dreaminess…my fave kind of public art. there was a cool sign down in pioneer square a while ago that was, like, a bunch of dollar signs shaped into crosses, right when we were invading iraq. reminiscent of the “in god we trust, inc.” EP by the dead kennedys.

    if you were ever to ride the red line in cambridge, mass and look down at the brick platform in either porter or davis square station, you might see a bit of denise levertov’s poetry carved there…seeing it for the first time was one of the most sublime moments of my existence.

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