up high

so i figured, go for it. i mean why not? sure it’s been years. and years. seven? something like that. but in all that time i’ve never found anything like it, so … ok then.

i walked my mountain. ok, hill. whatever. it’s two miles and a sixty story building, is what it is, give or take i have no idea the exact numbers. goes like this: park 1/3 mile away, time to warm up, get blood flowing, ’cause the hill doesn’t mess around. first couple hundred yards are like, vertical. i make that and i have to stop. have. to. stop. lean on somebody’s fence, take in the view, argue with myself a bit, and finally order myself on up. and up. and … all in all four stops to the top. ahh. the top. the rush. the wind in my beet red sweaty face. woo.

and down, down is just a different set of muscles. need less wind so can get fancy with the walking weights. swing ’em one way and it works the triceratops, while the hill itself is working the quadraptors and the tyrannosaurus maximus, i mean we are feeling the burn. bottom of the hill’s a little further from the car, time to do some different things – extend weights, swing arms straight, which i can feel everywhere from the late triassic all the way to the mesozoic, oh my yes i can.

that’s the best looking dirty buick i’ve ever seen in my whole life, man.

um. woo?

9 thoughts on “up high

  1. I hope you talked to a doc before undertaking this (yes, I’m serious–it’s risky undertaking strenuous exercise after not doing so for quite a while).

    Having said that, I’m glad you got down the hill again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. doctor? i have a part time job, and no insurance. i do not do doctors. i am however one of those incredibly sturdy rugged types that has done quite well never getting regular medical attention my whole life.

    i believe in my body’s ability to heal itself, and only go to the doctor when absolutely necessary, even when i am insured.

  3. and i went with the traditional Yes Union album, which is only just the most perfect bunch of songs in the perfect order to exactly walk that hill. well, what it works best for is my old-days 2 circuits in about an hour, which i’ll work up to. it’s this … it’s an incredibly spiritual experience, it’s really the best workout in the universe, i’m convinced of it. also, when i’m in shape for it, i get this high – the endorphins and the music and the air and the view is so beautiful and … it’s a peak experience. like an orgasm, only … different. every bit as good though.

  4. Thinking all sorts of cool thoughs about your warm workout!

    …and sometimes wishing I could wear headphones whilst blading <g>…

    Cool to hear, liz!

  5. Same reasons I got hooked on cycling a couple of months ago, which quite took me by surprise after 40 years as a couch ptotato ๐Ÿ˜‰ I found a killer hill yesterday that I can’t get to the top of – yet ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  6. Salami Oui,
    You are one pretty wonderfull, sweet, Liz.

    I’d climb too, but the couch is to hard to get off of. Or at least I’d think about it, but I would need more chips and dip. Nah you do it I watch, that fair.


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