a matter of focus

if absence makes the heart grow fonder, i should be hopelessly in love with my own mind right now. oh, it’s worse than even that sentence, this is.

it’s been a focus-free existence for the past … however long, who remembers these things? weeks, perhaps a month or two. prior to this, focus was difficult but possible in a pinch (actually, the pinch is pretty much required); now life is this huge batch of pinches, and focus? what?

i’ve made pledges and promises and vows, i’ve resolved, i’ve been determined, i’ve spoken of it, as in, this is. and yet? nothing yet. but i tell you what, this really is it. this here. is. it. i mean it.

i must admit i’m somewhat concerned by the fact i’m sitting here still nattering on about it instead. of what? you know, i’m not sure. i’m sure whatever it is, or rather whatever they are, that they are absolutely essential, not to mention required, compulsory, and unavoidable. and urgent! whatever. i’ll get to it. them. you know.

you know, and then you don’t know, you know?

6 thoughts on “a matter of focus

  1. There are three things I know I can do, two anyone else can also do, but the last is unique to me alone. Thats hear my own thoughts. Perhaps you need the first two.

    One: I am with you always. Because I have heard you, you are a part of me now, you need do nothing it will allways be.

    Two: Love another, and yourself. Thats enough.

    Say this spell first when you wake, if you dare.

    ” Mine is the light, mine is the wind, mine is the earth, from these things I live. Watch over me. Blessed Be, She, who is me.”

    I listen.

    BFG (the witchmaker, of the four beginings)

  2. yes and no. i wrote it down to keep by the couch, but when i first woke up i wandered a bit before i remembered. it was the first thing i *said* though.

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