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there is approximately one thing in my life that isn’t wretchedly stressful right now, and that’s being not-fat for the first time in years and years. screw health benefits, screw appearances, what’s really fun about this is buying pants. i love to buy little pants. now finances are one of the biggest stresses i’ve got, but i still manage to shop every week. this week it was four pairs of pants: 1 pr. low rise stretch khakis (express), 1 pr. flowery beachy low-rise capris (mossimo), 1 pr. limited boot cut jeans, 1 pr. unionbay shortalls. TCO = $3.96.

yeah, i raided whatsisname’s change jar to buy pants i didn’t need unless you consider the sort of happiness that results from indulging in odd fixations to be a need. i do, especially in times of stress, but … well, i can name at least one person who vehemntly disagrees (and does so in a tone of voice usually reserved for the discovery of dogshit on shoes).

i am going to really enjoy getting away from that tone of voice. i wonder if its echoes will ever fade completely away, though, it’s gotten so he can be berating me without even knowing he’s doing it, or even what i’ve done to deserve it.

dammit. that does need to stop, doesn’t it? well, i’ll be needing more change, the only way to deal with this sort of thing is keep shopping the 99� rack until i can do so completely free of any lingering aftereffects of the last dozen years.

it’ll be rough, but i’m determined.

8 thoughts on “affordable therapy

  1. Liz, you know I’ve never asked–what did you do to lose all the weight? And Mossimo? Glad to know that even the hot shit designers can be obtained for .99 cents.

  2. well, mossimo is sold at target (pronounce tar-jhay) so it ain’t that big of a deal, and the weight is a combination of:

    1. i am obsessive and eat one way or the other
    2. i used to drink 8 or more beers a night, have four jack in the box tacos and stuffed jalapenos for breakfast, then i’d seriously start in with the eating, alllll day.
    3. in january i stopped working for the place that i needed to be so greased up and hungover just to bear being there
    4. tongue piercing = 20 pounds right there.
    5. it’s a pattern i have at the end of relationships, it’s got something to do with getting single.
    6. i leveled out a good month ago, but the working out has changed the arrangement of things. i wore pocketless stretchy pants with no buttshaping pantyhose! why i am sharing that is rather a mystery to me, but hey.

  3. nope. so here goes again…
    wow! that’s incredible liz. but most important. is how you feel. cause dam girl you deserve to feel wonderful. now we just have to figure out a way of getting rid of the rest of your stress. i am thinking masseuse. know anywhere, where we can send you?
    i don’t have the patience to bargain shop. something about the loads of clothes heaped in bins leaves me feeling frazzled. i just don’t have the will power to dig through the stacks looking for something of interest. in truth i think i shop like a guy. walk into store. beeline it towards desired object. pay. walk out. no foreplay. no gentle whispering of sweet nothings. just a wham bam thank you man. *sigh* i think i need to find a new way of shopping. ;o>

  4. actually my daughter is a licensed masseuse (sweedish). she wants to work on me but we just never get around to it.

    the way to get rid of the rest of my stress is … woodchipper.

    and r@d@r, i can’t do gyms.
    visions of hamsters in wheels. i have to do distance and altitude. i have to have gone somewhere, been somewhere else, and come back. (and i told you about the rest of it, the … other aspects).

  5. it’s times like this i sorely miss the coffee and cigarettes diet of my younger days.

    i was macrobiotic once and became about 50% of my former self. i have gained it all back with a vengeance however, because although i may be insane i’m not insane enough to sustain the macrobiotic lifestyle. did i say that out loud?

    what workouts do you do and for how many minutes/day, days/wk? just curious. i’m a member of a gym but they haven’t seen me in months. it just…takes so much…effort…………….

  6. Woodchipper?!
    Aaaaaa! I’m flashing back to Fargo – was I supposed to? Yeek!
    I’m not a gym person – but I’m also not a walk in full sun person anymore either. So I may become a gym person.

    I completely applaud the weight and the pants and all that hooha. Except the tongue thing only because it makes me wince in pain, but it’s only temporary.

    Suddenly I’m thinking if you had a fly shaped tongue jewelry (what do they call the stud you put into the tongue? just a stud? that seems to dull sounding) think how you could really freak people out! Very lizardy.

    …And so you got all that at Target?
    I NEED to go shopping. I am so easily swayed by others’ good shopping experiences…

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