i don’t know what it is but it fits on here like this …

we forgot the sunglasses with the flames on them, so we have to return to the barberplace soon, well, soon as we recover from the scare on the way back [law enforcement six o’clock dive! dive! (right turn clyde) shitfuck (breathe breathe) ok he went straight (whew)] gotta get that damn buick registrated. butfirst it’s gotta be smogalized and boy howdy does that cost money. ok not that much but still. school supplies. spongebob backpack complete with cellphone holder (?). wiggly eyes (99� who could resist?). candles. starbucks. batteries. batteries. necessities, alright?

overexposed, these balloons remind me of ceiling-grapes:

the stickerage and plateframes on this jeep met with my approval:

the before and the almost after:

wanna play the pick what’s not schoolsupplies game?

which even though technically it was my money if it’s discovered what i spent it on i’ll probably have to put out tonight and that’s why the moveout date if you were infact wondering about the why of it.

6 thoughts on “i don’t know what it is but it fits on here like this …

  1. hint on the nonsupplies game: cylindrical bottle is something called skinlights diffusing tint (teinte diffusante) in ivory/ivoire by revlon it makes me look all dewy and new. nine bucks.

  2. kurtwood sure has grown in the last year, liz. my “baby” starts kindergarten next month…must go wipe the tears now.

  3. that’s the wiggly eyes. they’re all stuck to a little hand. and then you stick them on … other stuff. they’re cool.

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