It’s been so long since i felt this way

(note: no it hasn’t. but anyway.)

… and it went a little like this:
sunday (sigh) screw with website think about sex pop a beer realize i’ve still got a lot of downloading to do at i mean goodgod half a gig for five bucks i’m barely half there. let’s review: lonely horny melancholy beer and … mp3s. this can’t be good right?

it starts out ok i fill out a bit of my long lost rush collection and and then the related albums, the damn related albums … from rush we hit boston, wander through bad company (!), along through foreigner (no thanks, we’re pretty *ahem* well stocked there) but from there doncha know it’s just a short slide down the slippery slope to journey and *whew* don’t see anything here i want (oddly enough i am looking at a couple of records and knowing for a fact i wore the grooves off the vinyl versions a quarter century ago so you’d think the songs would be engraved in my brain but not even a glimmer i figure probably the engraving was fine but the brain, well…) probably best that way i pass on the journey however i do grab a little boston on the way out the way out i said, trying i’m trying well sort of it’s a mighty (pathetic) struggle and … no. nope. can’t do it. i’m stuck somewhere between 1975 and 1985 and oh look! i’m even wearing the same clothes. huh. well if i’ve got the lowrise flares and the platforms what’s to stop me from feathering my hair? haven’t done a full-blown farrah flip in a long, long time. (the full five minutes i sat here staring into space between these two sentences demonstrates just how far gone i am) and why not? isn’t big hair retro again yet? maybe i should bring it back myself personally. screw patience let’s kill something (oh yeah long lost and way gone)

don’t send search parties, unless they have some kind bud, ok? and styling products.
* * * * *
in what surely must be related news, i’m number one on yahoo for slowly losing my mind on drugs. rock on!

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