just beachy

after an afternoon in valley heat, i could hear the beach calling. click image for larger view, and accept please my humble apologies for some of the filesizes)

the surfers were surfing. i was screwing with the white balance.

the breeze was blowing under a colorful sky. what color, you wonder? well, the ones on the left are closer, but then again you could turn any direction and have completely different light, it was … amazing.

the sun was setting

for reference, here are some long-ago (february-march 2002) pictures taken in and around the driftwood structure out at surfer’s point:

it’s a constantly changing, evolving piece of public art/entertainment, apparently. these pictures are unretouched, the color not fuzzled with atall, i just happened to be there during a rather spectacular example of sunsetting

semi-unrelated, perhaps my favorite beachpicture of all time:

7 thoughts on “just beachy

  1. New camera, nice shots.

    Setting sun
    shows someone
    the gold in the heart
    at the end of the day
    golden haired beauty
    and golden lights
    LIZ is mighty
    mighty in that light


  2. beautiful pics, liz! the beach is part of me and your pictures show why. it doesn’t get any better. as for your favorite picture- i’ve always loved it too which is why i keep the beach skin.

  3. Beautiful golden color in those beach ones. The period right before the sunset is referred to as “the golden hour” becauuse the light does wonderful things to photographs, and shadows are diffused and everything looks great due to the yellow light spectrum.

    It’s the same reason why in some restaurants the diffused golden lighting makes people look really beautiful.

  4. i thought that was how long they had to get trauma patients to the e.r. like say if someone who was nocturnal woke up in the morning we’re talking early here, trauma like that.

  5. I’m with Nicole; I keep the beach skin as the default on the one machine just to remind me of how things can be.

    …but I’ll be back there this evening!!!

    Beautiful shots, liz…

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